September 19, 2020

Condo Certificates

Welcome to our Condominium Certificate of Insurance web page.     To create your own Certificate, please follow these easy instructions:

1. You need to have "cookies" and "pop-ups" allowed on your browser for this to work correctly. See notes at the end of page.

2. You will need to use the following login name and password in step 3:

Login ID=   condo         Password=  certs

3.   CLICK HERE TO START  and a new window will open, but continue to follow these directions below.

4. Click on "Certificate of Insurance" under Condominium Association

5. Enter the Name of the Condominium Association in the box labeled "Search: Association Name" then click the "Search" button

6. You should see a list of Associations, you may need to enter more of the name to refine the list.

7. Click on the Name of Association in the list once you have found the one you need.

8. Click on the desired Certificate in the Certificate Selection List


9. In the "Certificate Holder" section, enter the name, address, and info of the Bank/Mortgagee.  Complete all required fields. 

DO NOT enter the LOAN # in the "Loan Number" box.   It will not print.   You can enter it below in the "Holder Specific Portion" box.

10. In the "Description of Operation"  "Holder Specific Portion" section, enter the Property Address, Unit Owner Name and Loan Number.

11. In the "Delivery Information Section", be sure to enter YOUR email address and check the box to "send me confirmation" if desired.

12. Check the box to "View on Screen" if you want to view and print when done.

13. Enter "Recipient" Information for up to three other recipients to have a copy emailed or faxed to them.

14. Click the button to "Submit Request" at bottom of the screen to create the Certificate.

The process is automated, you should receive your certificate shortly.

If you do not receive an email confirmation with the certificate it may be due to the spam filter/blocking program that you use.

You can whitelist the following sites in your spam filter, as well as to allow for cookies and pop-ups:

For further assistance please contact us via the links on the home page.